Your 7-Step Whistleblower Guide

In the complicated maze of state and federal laws that govern whistleblowing, securing a qualified qui tam lawyer is essential to building your case. For more than 15 years, James Ratner has successfully represented whistleblowers in New York and throughout the nation, recovering as much as $80 million from companies engaged in fraudulent activities against the government.

If you are ready to blow the whistle on fraud, please contact today James T. Ratner by calling (845) 383-1728 to discuss your case. All consultations are strictly confidential.

The National Business Ethics Survey reports that 41 percent of workers admit to witnessing misconduct at work, and of those workers, 63 percent go on to report the misconduct they witnessed. Whistleblowing saves taxpayers and investors billions of dollars every year, protects the environment and ensures justice for those who attempt to defraud the government.

Have you witnessed false claims or security fraud? Here is your 7-step guide to blowing the whistle.

If you are considering blowing the whistle on fraud at your company, contact our experienced qui tam lawyer as quickly as possible by calling (845) 383-1728 or by completing the form on this page. James Ratner represents whistleblowers in New York and throughout the United States.

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