You Have a Whistleblower Case

If you believe you have evidence that a business or individual has defrauded a government program, you should consider calling an experienced whistleblower attorney.

Ideally, to be successful as a whistleblower, you should have:

  • First-hand knowledge of the false claims submitted for payment
  • The ability to document your claims
  • Millions of dollars in damages to the government in an FCA case, or millions in fines in the SEC or tax arenas
Insider Knowledge of the False Claims

Your depth of knowledge is key to a successful qui tam action. You cannot base a claim on mere speculation. The more you know about the circumstances in which the false claims were made to the government, the stronger your case will be. Direct observation is crucial.

Documentation to Prove the False Claims

You should be able to provide documentation of the acts that you claim occurred. You cannot rely on the power of a subpoena to require the perpetrator of a fraud on the government to produce evidence for you in your case. The more documentation you possess before the case, the better your chances are of proving the false claim.

Race to the Courthouse

The first person to come forward with bona fide information about a specific fraud is generally the only qui tam relator (whistleblower) allowed in each case. If the government has already commenced a lawsuit to recover funds, no qui tam action is allowed. This race to the courthouse encourages early reporting of fraud. No qui tam action, though, should be brought without a thorough examination of the facts by an experienced whistleblower attorney.

After considering these factors, if you are now ready to pursue a qui tam action, please contact James T. Ratner or call (845) 383-1728 today to discuss your case with an experienced whistleblower lawyer. Mr. Ratner represents clients from New York and throughout the United States.

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