What is the Potential Recovery for a Whistleblower?

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In a qui tam case, whistleblowers are typically rewarded between fifteen and thirty percent of the total recovered amount. This can result in a multi-million dollar whistleblower award in some cases. The percentage is determined by a number of factors, including the involvement of the Justice Department and the importance of the whistleblower’s contribution to the case.

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Government Intervention

Government intervention can significantly impact your whistleblower reward. If the Justice Department intervenes in your case, you have a good chance of successful action. However, government intervention often results in a lower rewarded percentage, down to between fifteen and twenty-five percent.

Following the conclusion of a successful case, a qui tam lawyer helps the whistleblower negotiate the percentage with the government. If an agreement isn’t reached, the court will assign the whistleblower reward. However, if the government decides not to get involved, and the whistleblower pursues a case anyway, the whistleblower can collect between twenty-five and thirty percent of the recovered amount.

The Department of Justice reports that in successful qui tam cases, the average whistleblower reward is seventeen percent.

Special Cases

If the whistleblower is linked to the fraudulent activity he or she is reporting, no reward is granted. Additionally, a whistleblower may receive significantly less than fifteen percent of the recovered sum if the case is built on publically available information.

Defendants who are convicted in qui tam actions under the False Claims Act are liable for three times the amount of the government’s loss, in addition to a $5,500 to $11,000 fine. These amounts and fines can vary in certain cases if the government reaches a settlement with the defendant. This is important to note, because the whistleblower’s compensation is taken from the settlement amount, not the maximum penalty. A whistleblower can object if he or she believes the settlement reached is unreasonable, but the chances of successfully challenging a government settlement are extremely small.

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