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Successful qui tam claims are generally brought by people who work in industries that interface with government payers.  Medicare, Medicaid, CMS, DOD, USPS, are but a few federal payers who have been fleeced by contractors. 

James T. Ratner is a New York lawyer who has represented whistleblowers nationwide in a wide gamut of qui tam cases, such as health care fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, government contractor fraud. With rare exception, a predicate for a meritorious qui tam case, is substantial financial loss to the government.

Since the government is frequently unaware of fraud against it, the FCA empowers private citizens to so alert it, through the filing of qui tam lawsuits, and receive a percentage of what the government recovers. When a qui tam complaint is initiated, it is filed under seal to allow an opportunity for the government to investigate. If the government believes that fraud has occurred, it may then intervene in the case to pursue the lawsuit. If the government chooses not to intervene, the qui tam relator may still be permitted to continue with the lawsuit on his or her own. A successful relator is entitled to an award of anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of the amount recovered by the government. 

Common Types of Qui Tam Cases

Qui tam cases may be brought in any situation in which corruption or fraud occurs, and the government suffers financial losses. 

Government contractor fraud is increasingly widespread due to the dramatic increase in the provision of government contracting services. Thanks to recent changes in the FCA, both contractors and subcontractors may now be held liable for corruption and fraud, including practices of false or inflated billing, fraud in the contract procurement process, and efforts by GSA contractors to avoid providing their true best pricing terms to the government on GSA contracts.

Another common type of qui tam case involves health care fraud, which typically occurs among companies that bill the government through Medicare and Medicaid. These health care providers may inaccurately represent the services that have been provided, or even create false patients, in order to obtain more money from Medicare or Medicaid than would otherwise be allowed.

Whistleblowers often also identify pharmaceutical fraud, wherein drug companies try to avoid paying the government money that it should be entitled to receive. Illegal actions include promoting off-label uses of drugs not previously approved by the FDA, or seeking too much money from the government by inflating drug prices.

Explore Your Options with a Whistleblower Lawyer in New York

If you are aware of fraud or corruption occurring in your company or industry, you may have questions about what you can do to stop the misconduct and how helping the government may benefit you. New York attorney James T. Ratner can bring qui tam claims based on pharmaceutical fraud, health care fraud, government contractor fraud, and any other type of misconduct. He has 18 years of experience helping plaintiffs across the United States fight back against corruption. Call our office at (845) 383-1728 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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