Successful Cases for Whistleblowers

As a False Claims Act attorney, James T. Ratner has successfully represented numerous clients over the last 20 years. These are some of his most notable cases-

Recent Federal and Multi-State Qui Tam Settlement

US ex rel Perez v. Stericycle- Defendant pays $26.75 million to settle FCA allegations,

Billing Fraud

Successfully represented the whistleblower in a case involving allegations of billing fraud against a physician practice management firm in Tacoma, Washington, Sound Inpatient Physicians. Relator's principal allegations were that defendant billed Medicare for more expensive procedures than it could adequately document. Sound ended up paying $14.5 million to the United States to settle the matter.

New York State Qui Tam Action

Successfully represented the whistleblower in one of the first qui tam cases under the New York State False Claims Act. In this matter, NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman intervened and received a $2.4 million settlement from Stericycle, Inc., a medical waste disposal company. Stericycle was accused of systematically overbilling governmental customers in New York State. We represented the whistleblower, Jennifer Perez, a former Stericycle employee.

Medicare Overbilling - Inpatient Hospital Admissions

Represented the qui tam plaintiff, a registered nurse, in a lawsuit which resulted in the defendant paying $26 million to settle the matter (United States ex rel. Tami Ramsey v. St. Joseph's Hospital). The allegations were that St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, billed Medicare for the admission of patients that were only suitable for observation. Medicare pays substantially more for an individual hospital admission than for observation.

False Claims Settlement - CPT Upcoding

Represented the qui tam relator, Dr. Daniel Hall, in a case against a neonatal physician practice management firm, wherein the defendant, Pediatrix, Inc. paid $25 million to the United States to settle False Claims Act allegations.

Double Billing and Unbundling Services

Initiated a qui tam case against a major laboratory, Impath, Inc., resulting in Impath paying $9 million to the United States to settle. The allegations involved double billing, or "unbundling" by the lab.

Federal Employee Qui Tam Action

In a groundbreaking case, Mr. Ratner successfully represented a USPS postmaster. Holmes v. Consumer Insurance Group (CIG) definitively established the right of federal employees to file qui tam actions. CIG paid $2.4 million to settle.

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