Millions Awarded for False Claims Cases

$170 Million Collected by Whistleblowers in Bank of America Settlement

December 31st, 2014

In August of 2014 Bank of America settled 16 whistleblower lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act for $17 billion. Until recently, the details of that settlement were sealed. Three people and a small mortgage company from New Jersey called Mortgage now will share the record setting settlement of $170 million. This is the largest settlement to date involving a single defendant.

For exposing Bank of America's fraud of issuing high risk mortgages, labeling them as safe, and selling the loans to government-insured mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Mortgage Now will receive $8.5 million, and the three individuals will receive $56 million, $48 million, and $58 million for their parts in the whistleblower action.

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$175 Million Awarded to Whistleblower in Guardrail Lawsuit

November 10th, 2014

A jury recently sided, to the tune of $175 million, with whistleblower Josh Harman, who brought a suit against Trinity Industries for making a false claim to the government about changing the design for guardrail ends in 2005.

Trinity redesigned the ET-Plus guardrail piece in a way that Harman alleged made them unsafe. The evidence showed and the jury agreed that Harman was right. In at least a dozen accidents, some of them fatal, the end caps on the guardrails punctured the vehicles instead of cushioning the impact as they should.

Several states have already stopped contractors from using the end caps, and the Federal Highway Administration is currently reviewing Trinity's record and asking state officials to share crash data involving the end cap system in question.

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