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With 20 years of experience representing individuals in qui tam actions nationwide, whistleblower lawyer James T. Ratner is committed to zealous advocacy for those who seek to expose financial misconduct against the government. The legal tool of choice is the False Claims Act.  We have recovered over $400 million for the government and private plaintiffs in actions in which we have been retained.  It should be obvious that you are better served when represented by counsel with a record of success in this unique area of law.

Bringing a Case under the False Claims Act

The federal False Claims Act and its state counterparts offer an effective means to redress corruption against government by stopping it, and rewarding whistleblowers for their information.

These lawsuits, known as qui tam actions, are brought by plaintiffs called relators. Relators may be eligible to receive an award of anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of the funds recovered by the government. The courts have ruled that relators must be represented by counsel. 

The state and federal False Claims Acts contain “first to file” provisions that reward the early reporting of false claims. This creates what has been referred to as a "race to the courthouse". Therefore, potential relators should not sit on valid claims, because others may beat them to it.

The most common arena for qui tam suits has involved Medicare and Medicaid, with Medicare Advantage, or managed care growing rapidly in scope. But any scheme which causes a substantial loss to the government is actionable under the False Claims Acts.

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We have helped many whistleblowers secure multi-million dollar awards. In fact, Mr. Ratner was one of the first qui tam attorneys to successfully bring an action under the New York State False Claims Act, resulting in a settlement of over two million dollars. We have helped plaintiffs nationwide in cases involving up-coding, unbundling, illegal kickbacks, and overbilling.

Bringing a claim as a whistleblower takes courage and patience. New York whistleblower attorney James T. Ratner is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the complexities of the False Claims Acts, state and federal. We look forward to discussing with potential clients, allegations of government contractor fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, health care fraud, or other misconduct. James T. Ratner has represented successfully represented whistleblower plaintiffs throughout the U.S. Call us at (845) 383-1728 or contact us online to set up a free consultation to discuss your potential case.

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